How to include digital PR in your web marketing strategies

Internet and social media changed our lives, even the way we used to consider some professional areas. For example, Public Relations. For a long time, PR were considered as a purely, offline activity. The PR Manager was instead in charge of represent the company in every circumstance, such as events, fashion shows or press conferences.

Nowadays, Public Relations are something much more complex and they include many online activities that are essentials for the web marketing ones, but only if they can have correctly integrated each other.

The evolution of Public Relations: Digital PR and Influencer Marketing

Digital PR activities have recently merged with the influencer marketing.

Before the internet advent there were influencers, too. They were the TV, cinema and music celebrities. The PR Managers engaged them as testimonials for the companies.

Nowadays, influencers are not only the old celebrities but common people, too. The Digital PR Manager selects influential people in the social media space and entrust them to speak as the company do, to promote its products, its services and also its values and its mission.

It seems to be simple but that’s not all.

If you want your digital PR strategy to be integrated with the web marketing ones, it is necessary that respect these recommendations:

  • Plan common goals and describe them clearly since the briefing phase.
  • Allocate a budget fitting with your goals.
  • Study and plan your Digital PR activities.
  • Control and adjust the activities when they are still running.

So, working in Digital PR doesn’t simply means to open your Facebook or Instagram accounts, find the one or the ones with a great number of followers and contact them for your campaigns. If you work in Digital PR, or if you need the support of someone expert, probably you may like to know that it is also necessary to know more about web marketing metrics, which parameters to consider when scouting the influencers on the web, and how to integrate the data with the KPIs.

An example from fashion market

Imagine you as a fashion house: you have to select one or more influencers for a social media campaign because you want to promote your new eco-friendly swimwear line.

The first questions to ask are: who are the users to whom the company turns through its web marketing campaigns? What goals do you want to achieve? How much budget do you want to invest in this business? Which tone of voice should your online communication have?

Answer these questions and then ask to a team of Digital PR professionals to analyze the influencers market, listen to it and identify popular names or new faces, even in music or art fields. What is very important is that at the end of the scouting, you will be able to evaluate a range of influencers or micro-influencers that will satisfy all the described requirements.

Once you choose who will represent you and your company, the collaboration can start. It will be necessary to write and share a complete operational marketing plan, with precise information for the influencer on what to do and how to do it. A digital PR expert will be able to create these guidelines according with your web marketing strategy.

Finally, when the campaign is ongoing, monitor it, make any necessary improvement, and evaluate the achievement of the pre-set KPIs.

Here is how the online PR activities can be perfectly integrated into a web marketing strategy.