All about Direct Marketing

Nearly everyone you talk to about internet marketing talks about email lists and how they send emails using an auto responder service, offering their wears to the subscriber. I wonder how many emails are sent on a daily basis offering something for sale? Probably countless millions.

This means of course that everyone’s email inbox is getting more crowded by the day. How many emails have you received today? How many of them have you opened and read? How many of them have you clicked through to the sales page and bought something?

Because everyone is receiving so many emails they’re just not being opened by the reader. All to the internet marketers despair. So they come up with more creative ways of enticing the subscriber to open the email using more outrageous headlines, more offers and promises than they cannot fulfil.

So, back to the question, why is the Direct Marketing business on a growth right now? Well, the answer should be obvious if you have read the previous paragraphs.
Think of it from your own point of view. If you receive a letter through the door, do you open it? How many do you open? All of them probably, except your bills right?

The ‘savy’ entrepreneur is looking towards Direct Marketing because they have much more of a chance of getting their message read by the subscriber. People’s mailboxes are not that crowded any more, as more and more marketers are turning to email. Well, their leaves a great opportunity.

Let me tell you a story of when I was a young lad. I was really into my magic and loved card tricks. I visited my local library and found a book on card tricks with an advert in! Wow, an advert in the back of a book, who would have thought of such a thing? It was advertising a magicians club I could join for around £20.00 per year. Well back then at the beginning of the 1980’s £20 was a lot of money to a ten year old lad like me. But, I was sold with the promise of a monthly magazine and the opportunity to purchase lots of magic tricks! I wonder if that line would ever work again?

“You will have the opportunity to purchase lots of magic tricks from us.”

I did join and I never regretted spending that £20. I did buy lots of magic tricks from them and as an adult I still love magic and still spend a ton of money on cards and books.

Back then there were no computers like there is today. A monthly magazine is so easy to put together these days, with computers and word processing applications and printers are so cheap. All you need is content right?

Well that magicians magazine was very clever. The editor didn’t write anything except the introduction each month. He was clever enough to get a whole bunch of magicians to write for him for free! This was getting their name out there in the magic world, and they could offer their own magic tricks in each article that they wrote. Genius!

So as this relates to today. How difficult do you think it would be to get people to write in a monthly magazine that you are sending via the post, not email, for free? Would you write an article for a monthly magazine that you knew was being sent to thousands of subscribers each month? I bet you would, it would be a golden opportunity right? Get your name out there, with a link to your website. Get recognition, credibility.

If you choose a niche that has loads of people interested in and there is not much information on the internet about it, there lies a fantastic opportunity for the Direct Marketer. A yearly subscription for a magazine, one that you don’t even have to write in, full of expert advice from different writers that you get to choose.

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