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Living Spaces: Various Creative Ways to Display Your Indoor Office Plants

Houseplants can easily be a really great decorative feature in just about any home, but perhaps, they really come into their own in an office environment. This is because an office typically has a whole lot more people per square meter, then an average home.

And this means that you will need something to keep the place from getting stuffy. However, adding plants means that they can not only help to improve the overall air quality, but at the same time they can also easily cover up bad odours (especially if you are use flowering plants) and apart from that, they can also muffle loud noises.

Here, the core benefits of keeping plants in an office are plentiful, but they can really make your office space stand out, provided you know how to display them in such a way that it can easily enhance and bring out their beauty. This is the part where comes into the picture. Of course, it is certainly possible to keep the plants in traditional pots scattered all over the office, or even in a windowsill garden, the good people at ThePlantMan can help you come up with a whole lot more creative ideas that will liven up your office space to a remarkable degree. Let us check out a few such methods.

o   Frame them!

Use a large frame as well as some wire so as to be able to hang plants vertically the exposed parts of the wall. You can also use them as a sort of giant frame around the white board. This way they will give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to even the most jaded and boring presentations. This solution works best with various low maintenance plants (such as succulents for instance). If done right such plant bearing frames can also easily become the main focal point, or for that matter a complete work of art in your office.

o   Use different containers

Everybody expects to see a potted plant in a traditional pot. However, that does not always have to be the case and there are many different options available, ranging from the discreet to the splashy. You can even use kitchen utensils to give your office that extra oomph.

o   Books

Contrary to popular perception, a book can make a great display for an office plant. Not only are such ‘bookish’ plants great ice breakers in their own right, but at the same time, they can also add a touch of class to your office.

o   The Terrarium effects

Terrariums have often been the mainstay for house and office plants for years. But today, there are many varieties of different class containers that make amazing terrariums. You can use them to good purpose by strategically placing them at eye level to ensure your clients and customers are suitably impressed. Specially, if you use a multitude of plants to give a really colourful and fragrant effect overall.