Cloud-Based VoIP: The Advantages

VoIP is widely used in modern business communications, offering a range of benefits when compared with traditional analogue telephone systems.

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However, when adopting VoIP you still need to choose between a locally hosted platform and one powered by the cloud.

Here are some of the reasons that the cloud-based VoIP services are a much better option for organizations of all sizes.


With an on-site VoIP set-up, you are unavoidably limited by the hardware itself. This gives you little opportunity to account for the peaks and trough in call volumes while also removing the ability to expand your set-up gradually as your business grows and your needs change.

The cloud has no such issues, since a third party provider will give you access to a remotely hosted infrastructure that can be adjusted to the ebb and flow of your telecom requirements.

An international VoIP wholesale provider like can also make it easier to find the perfect package rather than having to scout around and compare every service in minute detail.

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Hosting VoIP in-house comes with a range of costs to consider, from the upfront expense of procuring the necessary equipment to the long-term budgetary strain that will be created by the need to operate and maintain it.

By making the leap to the cloud, a VoIP service can be acquired with very little initial outlay required on the part of your business. You will pay a fee to access the platform, with no unexpected costs lurking around the corner and no need to worry about outages, maintenance and upgrades.


Speaking out outages, the costs associated with any kind of unscheduled downtime can be huge. This means that most organisations cannot afford to tolerate a solution that is anything less than reliably resilient.

Cloud-based VoIP will be designed to withstand all sorts of disasters, remaining up and running even in situations when your in-house resources might have been compromised.

A cloud provider has the money and expertise to maintain active services, regardless of the circumstances. For something as vital as VoIP, it really makes sense to choose this kind of robust hosting option rather than putting your business at risk and leaving yourself open to outages. This is perhaps the biggest reason to choose the cloud over an on-site solution.

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