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Category Archives: Legal

The Process of Filing a Lawsuit after an Accident

Nearly six million car accidents occur every year in the US. Of those, a little over one million results in death with 20 to 50 million people are injured. When someone is properly insured, the insurance company of the at-fault person should cover the cost of vehicle repair or replacement, any injuries, lost time at work and the death of someone in the accident.

Unfortunately, not every insurance company plays fair, and sometimes they will not provide enough compensation to cover the costs of an accident. In other cases, the at-fault person may not have enough insurance to cover the costs. In either case, this might be a time to talk to a lawyer.

Talking to a Lawyer

Talking to a lawyer about an injury case is usually free. In other types of law, a lawyer will charge a fee for a consultation, but this isn’t the case with injuries. Since the potential payout from an injury case is so high, lawyers prefer to take a percentage of the winnings instead of a flat rate or an hourly fee.

There are two things to look for when talking to an attorney. The first is they should be respectful, even if a case isn’t one they are willing to take. Secondly, the lawyer should not make any promises about a case. At the end of the day, they can only do their best. They cannot determine how the court, the insurance company or the defendant will respond to a lawsuit.

Understanding the Process

The process of filing a lawsuit is not a fast one. While there are some cases where the issue of compensation is resolved quickly, often it takes months to resolve a suit. If the insurance company or defendant won’t settle, then the suit will go to court. This process can actually take years to resolve.

Collecting the Winnings

If an insurance company loses a case, they will likely pay quickly to avoid bad press. However, a company or an individual being sued may refuse to pay, or they may not have enough money to pay the winnings up front. A lawyer will help file the paperwork for collections to ensure payment is received.

Most accidents don’t lead to lawsuits. But, if someone is seriously injured, they may not get reasonable compensation. This is the time to speak with a lawyer. To learn about your options, visit

More Information About Embezzlement and When to Contact a Lawyer

Embezzlement involves taking a significant amount of money from a business for personal use. Unlike most crimes, this often involves hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and can include serious consequences such as a significant amount of time in jail and needing to repay the money plus penalties. Those accused of this crime will want to speak with a defense lawyer as quickly as possible.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is taking money for personal use by an employee after it was entrusted to them by a business. Put plainly, it’s taking money that is supposed to be used for a business and putting it into a personal account to use for personal expenses or debt. Embezzlement of more than $2,500 is considered a felony charge and can lead to a year or longer in jail, depending on the amount that was stolen. Large amounts, typically in the hundreds of thousands or millions range, can lead to a decade or longer in jail.

One of the most common examples is someone taking money from the business accounts and moving it to their own accounts. This is typically done with a small amount of money at a time, with the hopes it will not be noticed since they’re the one in charge of the business finances. However, when it’s done on a regular basis, the amount stolen can add up very quickly over time.

When Should a Lawyer be Contacted?

If a person becomes aware they are under investigation for embezzlement, they need to speak with a lawyer right away. The lawyer can provide advice on how to handle the investigation so they do not do anything that could make the situation much worse. If they are not aware of an investigation and are arrested, they will need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after their arrest to start getting the help they need.

If you believe you are under investigation for embezzlement, make sure you contact a White Collar criminal defense lawyer immediately. This type of lawyer has experience handling cases like yours and can start to help you even if you have not been arrested yet. Contact them today to get more information on how they can help you.