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How to Buy Commercial Refrigeration

When it’s time to buy a new fridge or freezer for your business, you’ll soon discover that there are a myriad of options available and that choosing one to meet your needs takes careful consideration. These tips will help you pick the right unit for your kitchen and ensure that all your requirements are met.

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Brand Matters

With the food service industry flourishing, there are several new brands on the market. These brands may be good, but they also may not offer the same high standards of quality as the more established brands. Before you buy, do your research and find out what brands offer the best value for money and are reliable and durable and offer longevity.

Watch the Warranty

No catering fridge will last forever, but you need one that has a reasonable warranty. Take a look at what the warranty is on the unit you are considering and determine if there is a repair or maintenance person readily available should something go wrong. You don’t want to be without a fridge for an extended period of time, and you need a warranty that covers at least a year’s worth of commercial service.

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Size Matters

A catering fridge that is too big is almost as bad as one that is too small. You need to buy one that is a good fit, and there are plenty of options available at places like While size counts, set-up also pays a role, and you need to determine if a double or single door is best, or if a reach-in option will work best for you. The size and set-up of your fridge can make operations far easier and ensure that stock rotation is conducted correctly and that storage is simple and stress-free.

Check the Condenser

The condenser is the part of the fridge that works the hardest, and you need to ensure that its location works for you, as it needs to be kept clean and have space to blow out hot air. There are pros and cons to every location, and you need to ensure that the condenser will be in a space where it is easy to access and doesn’t blow hot air on to other fridges or on produce that needs to be kept at a set temperature.

Living Spaces: Various Creative Ways to Display Your Indoor Office Plants

Houseplants can easily be a really great decorative feature in just about any home, but perhaps, they really come into their own in an office environment. This is because an office typically has a whole lot more people per square meter, then an average home.

And this means that you will need something to keep the place from getting stuffy. However, adding plants means that they can not only help to improve the overall air quality, but at the same time they can also easily cover up bad odours (especially if you are use flowering plants) and apart from that, they can also muffle loud noises.

Here, the core benefits of keeping plants in an office are plentiful, but they can really make your office space stand out, provided you know how to display them in such a way that it can easily enhance and bring out their beauty. This is the part where comes into the picture. Of course, it is certainly possible to keep the plants in traditional pots scattered all over the office, or even in a windowsill garden, the good people at ThePlantMan can help you come up with a whole lot more creative ideas that will liven up your office space to a remarkable degree. Let us check out a few such methods.

o   Frame them!

Use a large frame as well as some wire so as to be able to hang plants vertically the exposed parts of the wall. You can also use them as a sort of giant frame around the white board. This way they will give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to even the most jaded and boring presentations. This solution works best with various low maintenance plants (such as succulents for instance). If done right such plant bearing frames can also easily become the main focal point, or for that matter a complete work of art in your office.

o   Use different containers

Everybody expects to see a potted plant in a traditional pot. However, that does not always have to be the case and there are many different options available, ranging from the discreet to the splashy. You can even use kitchen utensils to give your office that extra oomph.

o   Books

Contrary to popular perception, a book can make a great display for an office plant. Not only are such ‘bookish’ plants great ice breakers in their own right, but at the same time, they can also add a touch of class to your office.

o   The Terrarium effects

Terrariums have often been the mainstay for house and office plants for years. But today, there are many varieties of different class containers that make amazing terrariums. You can use them to good purpose by strategically placing them at eye level to ensure your clients and customers are suitably impressed. Specially, if you use a multitude of plants to give a really colourful and fragrant effect overall.

A few major compliance issues that have been reported by the Fair Work Commission in 2018

Many people tend to think that the majority of employers in Australia are fully aware of the various the ‘ins and outs’ of the Fair Work Act (FWA of 2009), especially from the point of view of the Fair Work Commission of 2018. However, that is not really the case for many, if not most such business enterprises in Australia.

As a matter of fact, few employers were even confident that they will be able to comply with the FWA directives as per the Employsure Workplace Index. In fact, some of them candidly admit that they know either very little or for that matter, nothing at all about the FWA.

VariousHR practices related researches have also revealed that many employers usually find it quite difficult to calculate the total amount of the entitlements as well as the correct pay, to the extent that they can confidently state that they are in full compliance of the Fair Work commission 2018.

With regard to such compliance issues, especially in terms of small business employers, the fact of the matter is that they do not even know where to go so as to be able to find help, beyond googling the FWA 2009 with reference to their Fair Work obligations. This is the part where the Employment Innovations fair work compliance services comes into the picture, since the outfit has a penal of proven experts who are well versed not just in the FWA 2009, but also the many compliance related issues (as mentioned by the Fair Work Commission in 2018) that a business organization may be in violation of, in Australia.

The Employsure Workplace Index consists of over half a thousand Australian small and medium sized businesses enterprises.It has highlighted the three main issues that employers will have to face:

  • How to end (permanent) employment,
  • staff calling in sickand
  • the complexity of workplace and related laws

Shortly after the Fairwork Commission report was published in 2018, there had been a raft of cases  involving the Fair Work Commission  as well as the Fair Work Ombudsman. Taken together, they have essentially highlighted the central importance of typical HR practices taking precedence over workplace laws as they are practiced in Australia.

Furthermore, it has also been announced that various holding companies and even franchisors will now end up facing far higher scrutiny and even greater  accountability for any failure to act when either their  subsidiary or for that matter, their franchisee has been found to be in a direct violation of the FWA.

The new law effectively means that there will be a considerably higher scale of penalties (often going up to ten times of the amount being paid currently) for any brand new category of really ‘serious contraventions’ of the workplace laws that are currently part of the statute books in Australia.

6 Different Industries Where the Use of Uniforms Is Common

Customised uniforms are becoming more and more common because of the benefits they provide to companies. The reason behind making the staff and crew of a company wear personalised uniforms is that it brings the company to the attention of consumers. In short, logoed uniforms allow a company to stand out.

The benefits of having your employees wear personalised uniforms are numerous. These uniforms make your employees visible to your customers, which improves customer relationship. Employees that wear customised uniforms have a greater sense of responsibility and they end up doing their work more efficiently and diligently. Moreover, the idea of employees wearing customised uniforms serves as a great way of advertising your company’s name. If you want your employees to boost your company’s visibility by wearing personalised uniforms, then contact Workwear Hub for first-rate designs.

Here are the six major industries that believe employees must wear customised uniforms.

1- Medical Industry

You need something to identify a ward boy or a nurse when you visit a hospital. It just saves a lot of time. Whenever in need, you know you must look for someone who’s wearing the uniform of the hospital you are in. With a particular uniform for nurses, ward boys, and on-duty doctors, things get a lot easier for the visitors.

2- Airline Industry

Different airlines have different uniforms for their pilots and other crew members. That’s how passengers identify them. The entire airport crew of a particular airline has to wear uniforms in order to make things convenient for passengers, enabling them to distinguish one airline crew from another.

3- Hospitality Industry

This is another industry that can’t work without personalised uniforms. You can’t identify a waiter in a restaurant without a logoed uniform. Also, you can’t tell who belongs to the housekeeping service in a hotel if they aren’t wearing uniforms.

4- Transportation Industry

People working in the transport and delivery companies need to wear uniforms so that customers can identify the person delivering their orders. Even if you order food online, the delivery guy is supposed to be wearing the uniform of the restaurant you ordered food from. These delivery and transport guys usually wear polo shirts with the company name and logo embroidered on it.

5- Construction Industry

The purpose of wearing a uniform on a construction site is actually twofold. First, construction workers need to wear uniforms for safety reasons. Second, only authorised personnel are allowed to work on a construction site, so uniforms are a great way of identifying if a worker belongs to a specific construction company or not.

6- Sports Industry

Just by looking at the uniform of a sports team you can tell what sport this team plays and which country a particular sports team belongs to. The use of customised uniforms is not only limited to international sports teams. Today, even university leagues have their own personalised uniforms. For a variety of customised sportswear clothing, contact Customgear Clothing.

All in all, personalised uniforms set a company or a team apart from their competitors and give them a much-needed unique identity. Also, it’s a great of way establishing a distinct image of your company or team in people’s minds.



Your Business Might Suffer If You Don’t Have Staff Recognition Programs

Everyone likes when their managers pat them on their backs and tell them that they’ve done a good job. It feels great, doesn’t it? It even feels good to those people who have done great work in the past and have received numerous accolades repeatedly.

There’s a difference between a manager and a good manager. A good manager knows why staff recognition programs are important. The fact of the matter is that such recognition programs increase employee engagement. It means staff recognition programs get the best performance out of the employees which helps a company achieve its goals. Consider Power2Motivate staff recognition programs if you want to boost employee engagement. Here are the reasons why your business might suffer if you don’t have staff recognition programs.

1- Staff Recognition Programs Improve Company Environment

Staff recognition program is a corporate scheme. It’s implemented so that employees can feel encouraged and good about themselves. This makes them more motivated and focused towards their jobs. When staff is content with their jobs, they strive for a higher level of performance. This behaviour of employees is conducive to a better working environment.

2- Recognition Programs Define a Company

Managers don’t need to befriend every employee on their team. But they must have a strong professional relationship with all team members. Such a relationship can be developed by implementing recognition programs to show employees that the management appreciates their good work. Moreover, if a company has such programs, it enhances the reputation of the company as its employees talk good about it.

3- These Programs Celebrate Employee Performance

If no one tells employees that they did good work on a project, it leaves a bad impression on employees. Thus, celebrating the efforts put in by employees by such recognition programs is very important. Doing so makes employees feel significant and improves their productivity.

4- Makes Staff Loyal

If the employees are not engaged with the company, they will not promote the company they work for or its brand the way they should. Thus, these recognition programs are implemented to make employees more loyal to the company they work for. Loyal employees always work for the improvement and growth of a company more than those employees who don’t value or care about the company.

5- Recognition Programs Help Retain Employees

The retention of employees who are talented, precious, and skilled is crucial to a company’s success. It’s a known fact that the employees who have gained experience while working in a company understand its business more than the new employees. A company cannot afford to lose such experienced employees. It’s a great loss for a company if it lets them go. Thus, one great benefit of staff recognition program is that it retains employees who are important to the company.

If a company doesn’t realize the importance of staff recognition programs, it will have to compromise its work environment, employee job performance, and it will have a tough time retaining the employees.

Cloud-Based VoIP: The Advantages

VoIP is widely used in modern business communications, offering a range of benefits when compared with traditional analogue telephone systems.

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However, when adopting VoIP you still need to choose between a locally hosted platform and one powered by the cloud.

Here are some of the reasons that the cloud-based VoIP services are a much better option for organisations of all sizes.


With an on-site VoIP set-up, you are unavoidably limited by the hardware itself. This gives you little opportunity to account for the peaks and trough in call volumes while also removing the ability to expand your set-up gradually as your business grows and your needs change.

The cloud has no such issues, since a third party provider will give you access to a remotely hosted infrastructure that can be adjusted to the ebb and flow of your telecoms requirements.

An international VoIP wholesale provider like can also make it easier to find the perfect package rather than having to scout around and compare every service in minute detail.

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Hosting VoIP in-house comes with a range of costs to consider, from the upfront expense of procuring the necessary equipment to the long-term budgetary strain that will be created by the need to operate and maintain it.

By making the leap to the cloud, a VoIP service can be acquired with very little initial outlay required on the part of your business. You will pay a fee to access the platform, with no unexpected costs lurking around the corner and no need to worry about outages, maintenance and upgrades.


Speaking out outages, the costs associated with any kind of unscheduled downtime can be huge. This means that most organisations cannot afford to tolerate a solution that is anything less than reliably resilient.

Cloud-based VoIP will be designed to withstand all sorts of disasters, remaining up and running even in situations when your in-house resources might have been compromised.

A cloud provider has the money and expertise to maintain active services, regardless of the circumstances. For something as vital as VoIP, it really makes sense to choose this kind of robust hosting option rather than putting your business at risk and leaving yourself open to outages. This is perhaps the biggest reason to choose the cloud over an on-site solution.

Guide On How To Sell Naked Put Options

Most people consider selling these options quite a risky business. But this is not true. It is a prudent strategy. For experts it is very good but if you don’t have enough knowledge about this strategy, it can be dangerous. So, you should not be risk-insensitive. Lots of traders spread rumors about it. That’s why people avoid it.

The irony is that financial planners and advisories know about it but they fail to educate others on it. While others who don’t know make no effort to learn about it just because they read and hear negative reviews about it.

What are Naked Put Options?

To trade options naked means that the trader sells options with no position in the underlying instrument. If you are writing naked calls, actually you are selling it about having an underlying stock. If you already own a position, it will be considered covered.

A trader goes for a naked call position when he or she expects that the price of a particular stock will trade below the option strike position at expiration date. The more the amount of premium collected, the maximum is the possible gain. And you can achieve maximum gain when you hold the option through expiration. The option should expire worthless.

Who Can Write Naked puts?

When we come to investors, the following should consider writing it:

  • Investors who adopt a buy and hold strategy while trading options.
  • Investors who have a bullish opinion of particular stocks.
  • Investors who have a bullish opinion of the market.
  • Investors who want to make a purchase of a particular stock at a low price.
  • Investors who are after additional gains from their holdings.

When we talk about traders, the following should consider writing naked put options.

  • Traders who are willing to consider holding a position for a couple of months.
  • Traders who are after higher percentage of winning trades.
  • Traders who are after initiating a spread position with a bullish leg.

Investment Goals Linked to Naked Call Options

It is a bullish strategy. You can get the following goals while writing naked call options.

  • You can make profit. As you have a bullish opinion, you expect the put option to lose value. That can expire without value with the passage of time. If it happens, the cash from selling the put options that is dubbed as premium becomes your profit.
  • You can buy a stock at a discount price. In this way you can add new positions to your investment portfolio. It is the best for investors who keep a long-term portfolio. But in order to avail this opportunity your put option should be in money when it expires.

Trading options can be dangerous. That’s why you should consult with a financial advisory’s trading forum such as Steady Options. They have created comprehensive tutorials, infographics, articles for all your need. Their members get quick responses to questions and valuable advice in financial matters.

Semalt: All You Need To Know About A Proper Meta Description Tag

Meta descriptions are an essential way of showcasing everything you wish your audience to see. It is the highest level of your page on search results. You cannot do without a good meta data description as it plays a role in determining the CTR rate. In fact, if you write it in a compelling way then your traffic will get a big boost.

To succeed, you should follow the guidelines provided by Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt.

Step 1: start with a good action verb

Did you know that by using a powerful action verb you can inspire the audience to do something? All it takes is a simple trick – the action verb – like “Discover”, ” Become”, “Identify” or “Learn”. You’d be surprised by how this gets people out there moving to your groove.

Step 2: give the audience an idea of what your content will be like

If your audience can be lead to understand how the content is outlined plus of course how they stand to benefit by clicking on your content, then your click through rate will definitely shoot up. Rather than focus of key word stuffing, try to make your meta description as persuasive as possible. Don’t get mixed up though. While it’s important to make the meta description a persuasive one, do not forget to sprinkle in some keywords. The idea here is this – find a balance between persuasion and keyword optimization.

Step 3: ensure that the meta description is less than 155-characters long

If they’d let you, you can rant on and on about who you are as a brand, products/ services and so on. However, you cannot and should not go beyond the 155 characters. What happens when you write a lengthy meta description talking about yourself as the best one. Some people can argue that this isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but come to think of it, there is need to put head or tail of meta descriptions, right?

Step 4: do not forget to include the keyword in the meta description

Do you remember we mentioned something about keyword stuffing? Well, now we get at it. Your primary keyword must be included in the meta description. Just ensure that it reads smoothly. Don’t bother about repeating it many times, Google will display it in bold as long as you insert it (the keyword) tastefully. Follow the guidelines, and everything naturally falls in place.

Step 5: try to finish your meta description with a call-to-action

“Discover More On”, ” Get Started” or “Learn More” will create a push for the audience to get glued to your content. Unleash your creativity by tinkering with other call-to-action verbs.

As we wrap up on the do’s and dont’s of meta descriptions, note that you should find a team to come up with fresh ideas. If need be, share what you’ve learned from the Semalt expert’s tips. This way you can make your meta descriptions work to your advantage. Forget what you thought of making it to the first page of a search result – it starts with your meta description.

An Easier Way of Getting into the Global Sales Market

Have you ever thought about expanding your business? The old way of doing it was to either move into a bigger retail location or open up a second store. Now you can just go online and sell. Fast shipping and the ability to take credit card payments without a merchant account makes it possible. You can even sell stuff globally. No one is too far away for your reach now. If you want to, you can learn how to sell on Amazon at, and this opens up the opportunity for your business to sell to established customers of the largest online retailer in the world.

If you have a brick and mortar store and want to get some products you make sold in the big retail stores, you have to negotiate with them.

Get Leads To Grow Business

Advertising is another way a business owner can generate a lead. Understanding how to leverage the strategic side of marketing can help achieve phenomenal results. Too many business owners are quick to say direct mail, social media, radio or TV doesn’t work. It was not the medium (tactical side of marketing) that failed you; it was what you said and how you said it (the strategic side) that failed you. Once the business owner understands how to effectively convey the value they provide, generating a lead is a breeze.

Prospecting is the act of generating leads without advertising. Prospecting could involve calling a target list or foot canvassing in a specific area. Do you have marketing materials? Prospects need time to make an informed decision at the speed their brain can process information. You telling them everything during a sales visit will not always be enough. A marketing piece (leave behind) that can support the prospects decision-making process will move them along the sales process and ultimately compel them to buy.

Having sales collateral allows your information to be shared with someone the prospect knows who may need your product or service right now. Where I see small business owners over look an opportunity in their marketing material is their business card. Offer more than just your contact and website info. Provide a link on your business card that leads to a video or free report that can educate and move a prospect along the sales process.