5 Ways To Run A Greener Business

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With more people becoming increasingly educated the environmental impact of human activity, it is essential that businesses start taking note. In 2014, a global survey showed that “55% of consumers are willing to pay higher prices for goods and services from companies that have environmentally-friendly business practices.” And that’s not all. Other surveys conducted before and since have shown that consumers are willing to take not only a financial hit but a slight service charge to ensure that businesses are responding to these environmental needs.

What this all means though is that, aside from doing something right, it is also a strategic requirement of your business in the 21st Century to take accountability of your businesses impact in the world. Your response must be seen as genuine, however, so a change and shift in culture is the first step to achieving a goal of running your business in a greener way.

Save water

Save money and save the environment at the same time. Things like Veolia Water Technologies can help businesses identify in real time where there are leaks, mis-usage of water and other, larger scale engineering requirements that can cause issues. But for every business, ensuring that you don’t have a leaky faucet, that you don’t waste water unnecessarily and that you opt for eco-friendly solutions to stop wastage is a business requirement.

Make your office, greener

Literally, make your office greener. Things like shrubs, plants, and trees (space permitting) are great ways to not only recycle the air that you and your workers’ breath, but, for larger businesses with offices that have the outside space, planting trees is a local environmental solution and benefit to all. Eradicating normal air pollutants and producing oxygen is only a good thing for everyone involved.

Back renewables and energy alternatives

From turning your office roofs into solar catching power units to using biowaste to power heaters in winter, there are so many different options available to businesses that weren’t thought of years ago or weren’t practical.

Reduce your buildings energy footprint

High-efficiency building construction has grown rapidly over the last ten years, and the drive to reduce emissions has increased the speed to which it has done it. From super-insulated to air-tight shells and triple-pane windows, businesses are seeing a reduction of up to 80-90% percent over standard construction.

Adding renewable energy resources and looking at ways to introduce water technologies to not only be more efficient but help power your services is the fastest way in reducing your energy footprint even further!

The source from sustainable suppliers

Getting your goods and services from sustainable partners is a sure-fire way to reducing and transforming your carbon footprint. Working with partners that can supply you these goods and services is also the best way to do this over a sustained period. This could include goods that are non-toxic, recyclable, or that are made from renewable materials.

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